Hey, I’m Tracey,

artist . illustrator . designer . maker . mama. wife. and now…blogger.

I’m a lover of the arts. And more specifically textiles. My business, ten.eleven.twelve allows me to express this love and create items that help bring the HOME element, to a house.

I believe that #childhoodisforever and that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. This blog is about pouring my passion for building memorable spaces that people can truly feel the comfort of individuality in, into all I do.

Yes, it’s true, I want to live in a world where shoes, pants and bras are not a ‘thing’. Where coffee and wine flow from the taps, and chocolate helps you stay in shape.

But I’m also fairly realistic when it comes to decorating and the costs incurred to create beautiful spaces.

So join me on my adventure, as I create and learn, and with the greatest of love, share with you, how to create memorable, beautiful spaces, without emptying your bank account.