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What to tell you about us…uhhmmm… we are all about comfort, individuality and creating spaces that last, the way good memories do. We are passionate about keeping that all important inner child alive and believe implicitly that #childhoodisforever. It’s never to late to have a beautiful childhood. That is why we are so focused on creating “ME” spaces for young individuals as well as the young at heart.

Our best childhood memories were of tropical surrounds and beautiful beach moments, juxtaposed with heart soaring adventures on the family farm. Gritty, wild, crazy haired fun, that left you breathless from giggling, running and tumbling until the world spun and you slept soundly at night, dreaming of more adventures to come.

Here at ten.eleven.twelve we long to be a part of creating moments just like our best childhood memories. Whether you are 8, 15 or 50, and so we proudly hand design, print and source fabrics to create home-wares, decor, bedding and linen for our two ranges, Blanket fort and Ma Luna.

Our Blanket Fort Range is uniquely tween and teen-centric and we are working hard at creating spaces young adults can feel comfortable to truly be themselves in.

Sprung from a love of simple clean, design, our Ma Luna Range aspires to help create beautiful spaces that make the young at heart, feel at home.

Welcome, it’s lovely to have you here


“Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live in it forever?”
– Sarah Addison Allen

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