It truly is!  And it’s for this very reason that ten.eleven.twelve take great care and pride in creating lifestyle and décor items for both the young, and young at heart.

We are all about comfort, individuality and creating spaces that last, the way good memories do. We are passionate about keeping that all-important inner child thriving and happy because it’s never too late to have a beautiful childhood.

Our best childhood memories were of tropical surrounds and beautiful beach moments, juxtaposed with heart soaring adventures on the family farm. Gritty, wild, crazy haired fun, that left you breathless from giggling, running and tumbling until the world spun and you slept soundly at night, dreaming of more adventures to come.

Here at ten.eleven.twelve we long to be a part of creating moments just like our best childhood memories. Whether you are 2, 15 or 50.

We are the proud home of differnt three ranges, suited to various ages;

• Basil& Sox, named for our youngest two sons and geared for little’s.

• Blanket Fort, in honor of the BEST way we know how to cope with life 😉 aimed at tween and teens and;

• Ma Luna, our own homage to the precious mother moon. It’s a range for us big folk, with HUGE inner children.

We are so glad you popped in and hope you enjoy your time here. If there’s anything you’d like to chat to us about, pop to our GET IN TOUCH page and we’ll get back to you for a good old chat as soon as we can.

And now, we’d like you to,


Meet The Maker

Tracey Preston



artist . illustrator . designer . sculptor . creator . maker.


Tracey’s first love has always, and will always, be creating. Her lifelong dream to create her own textiles and unique lifestyle items are now happily rolling out through ten.eleven.twelve.

 She’d REALLY like to live in a world where shoes, pants, and bras are not a ‘thing’. Where coffee and wine flow from the taps, and chocolate helps you stay in shape. (heaven, huh?)

She’s a barefoot dreamer. (Seriously, she abhors shoes) Pretty much never wears them.

As first an art director and then creative director, she’s been blessed enough to have worked with many of the big advertising agencies in South Africa over her 20-odd years in the industry. She teethed on retail, working with some of South Africa’s retail giants across a range of sectors, from FMCG to furniture.

It did wonders for her work ethic, pace – and her ability to swear like a rum-filled sailor. 

Nowadays, she prefers a more sedentary (hahaha!) approach to life as a work at home/home-schooling mama, artist, and designer. She happily spends her days up to her elbows in hands-on creative endeavors and décor design when not teaching her two yongest boys.

On any given day you’ll find her illustrating, painting, drawing, sculpting, and writing.

In her downtime, you can find her pottering about in her little garden or spending time with her husband, their four beautiful children, daft black cat, Sophia and their hedgehog Matilda.


“Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live in it forever?”

– Sarah Addison Allen


We sure do. So #letsmakememories together 


x  x  x