for{R}est Collection Baby Linen Launch

For{R}est Baby Linen Blog Launch-

 It’s baby linen launch day!


The for[R]est Collection is an old-school, slow-craft, scandi-inspired, and minimal handpainted collection of linen and decor items for babies and toddlers. Creating a peaceful and calm space baby can retreat to and rest in.

– Sleep not included, sorry mamas. –

Seriously though

I TRULY am sorry that I can’t bundle up some sleep for you or baby, mama but I’m really hoping that this for{R}est Collection helps bring a little more calm and rest to baby’s space.

Putting it Simply

I’m a doer by nature, but also a terrific faffer. I feel like everything I create needs to have meaning, or needs to be purposeful. And quite often I get total paralysis by analysis, trying to figure it all out. This range was no exception.

I feel its purpose is pretty clear, and as I am a lover of simplicity it was a given that this Collection would be simple and minimal. Scandi-inspired, but like me, softer edges. I adore the cleanness of Scandinavian Design, but also love the sweeps and curves of a more bohemian feel to, so I have gently juxtaposed the two.

Let’s get real

I have a deep love and respect for all that is organic, authentic and real. So I have opted to hand paint each and every stroke (slow, SLOW craft) on this new baby linen and it’s matching plushies, using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, which is really low in chemicals and is super safe for baby.

For{R}est Baby Linen Blog Launch linen gallery

All the feels

Life and all its experiences should be a sensual adventure. When I began putting paint to fabric, I truly loved the textures and evolution of how the paint felt when applied. Like liquid satin. How it sparkled in the late afternoon sun in my studio as it dried and how gloriously it washed out, to leave an aged, well lived in and love approach to the linen and plushies.

This is why

Part of my love for Annie and her paints is due to her efforts to empower women and even developed a limited edition Paint to support women in Ethiopia through Oxfam (You can read more about it all in this post I wrote recently) I have excitedly worked with that very paint, named ‘Lem Lem’ (it stands for Hope) to create the soft mossy forest colour that you will find tiny hints of in The for{R}est Collection. I like to remind myself that every effort we make to be good to others and work together where we can, is still an effort, and is still needed, necessary and impactful. Each time I put paint to fabric now, I know that in some tiny way, another woman and her family will be held a tiny bit higher by Annie’s efforts, and my heart warms.

for{R}est Baby Linen and Word Atr Posters for Launch post

Shhhh, Rest now

As I said before, I love simplicity, so you will just find the basics for snoozes here. I’m not a mama who filled my Little’s cots with lots of goodies. That said,  have some AWESOME ideas and resources tucked away in my noggin to help you complete your look when we chat about your choices for your Little’s Collection.

Sheet, pillowcase, plushies. It’s that simple. And to complete your look, an exquisite set of blocks from our beautiful friend Suzelle at Yogiblocks (details to reach her are below) and a set of Word Art Posters.

for{R}est Baby Linen Collection collaboration with YogoBlocks

Just one more thing

And it’s kinda still a bit of a secret, hehehe! There’s one final element of this for{R}est Collection that literally means the world to me, that I will be sharing with you all REALLY SOON, so keep your eyes peeled, and if you are a member of our LUNA LOVE TRIBE, watch your inboxes to see more. If you aren’t yet, we’d love to have you join us.  You can sign up in the side panel of the blog, just look right > > 


“Remember #childhoodisforever and there is no time like this very moment to start working on a totally magical one, no matter what age you are.”


You can find the collection in our store HERE


The new for{R}est Collection from our Basil & Sox Range is available on our site now, but to order, please feel free to email me at to chat through sizes, options and if you’d like, custom ideas that would compliment your sweet space for baby.


Find us on Instagram:

You can find the stunning Suzelle from Yogiblocks on @yogiblocks

Annie Sloan and her awesome paint can be found on @anniesloanhome

Our account is @ten.eleven.twelve

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