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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint mix for upcoming product launch


Texture is so important to me. 

So too is colour.

Even more than those is

– giving-

So it was a natural progression that found me working with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. My new range, launching at the end of March was created using only Annie’s non-toxic Chalk Paints.

It was the most delicious, tactile adventure pulling this range together. The fabulous silkiness of the paint,  juxtaposed with the crisp white cotton made my heart happy, and then, as it dries the wonderful grittiness of the chalk as it almost sparkles in the soft light of my workshop. *sigh* Creative heaven…

Through my various testing phases, I settled on the most glorious mix of tints to create the specific green I wanted, that includes her limited edition “Lem Lem” Chalk Paint. I was drawn to Lem Lem the second I saw it. And more so once I heard more about it. The excerpt below is from Annie’s site:

“A soft, warm green, inspired by fields of alliums that Annie saw in Ethiopia, grown by women farmers who are supported by Oxfam’s Ethiopian Seed Project. Every pot of Lem Lem sold will raise vital funds for Oxfam, helping people beat poverty worldwide. – Taken from

According to Annie, “Lem Lem is the colour of HOPE” 

(and when you see the theme of my new range, you will understand why this was perfect synchronicity for me)

Annie is a giver. An inspirer and in my eyes, a creative goddess. 

I first learned about Annie and her phenomenal paint when I attended a workshop hosted by another creative goddess and one of my all-time favorite human beings, Nan Day. Nan owns the most sumptuous, French-inspired decor store in my suburb called Simply French. She is an Annie Sloane Chalk Paint stockist and creative, extraordinaire. Nan hosts the most divine workshops, that teach you to get the best out of your Annie Sloane Chalk Paints. So, I booked a workshop for my daughter (then 14) and I with Nan and it was without a doubt one of the best days I have had with my girl child, ever.

We were so inspired by Nan’s gentle manner and free sharing of her knowledge and creativity that we literally came home on an absolute high! And then, systematically over the last year have slowly started converting the furniture pieces in our home with what we learned! What I loved most about our time with Nan (and for that matter, ANY time with Nan) was just how passionate and knowledgeable she is about Annie’s range, and about Annie’s journey, history, and vision. It’s not often you meet someone who is fully immersed in a product that technically isn’t theirs. (Here’s where I was wrong)

I began to find Annie’s online communities and groups on social media and was met with the same open, authentic, helpful and hugely inspiring attitude. I was genuinely surprised and more and more enamored with just how GIVING this community is! I’ve joined many online communities over the years, for many reasons, and many facets of my life and this one just shines! I feel there can be only one reason for this; The products, the mindset, the vision, BECOME THIERS, because of Annie. She makes it about everyone else. She uplifts, inspires and empowers.

As a woman, I cannot love anything more than women who empower other women. 

She truly inspires me. And clearly many, MANY others. I see her posts on Instagram @anniesloanehome where she shares her stockists from around the globe with her community. The love, caring and pride she has in doing so, is tangible. I remember squealing like a dilly fangirl when I saw her share Nan’s beautiful Simply French store. I remember thinking “WOW! She shares a little shop in South Africa with her world?!” Having not really seen any other retail group or franchise or holding stockist do that, despite SM being the perfect platform for it I was impressed. I get the feeling it’s more like family though, not just business. And that brings me to why I felt so drawn to using her products in my new range.

My business is about togetherness, it’s about the fact that #childhoodisforever.  No matter how old or young you are, building beautiful memories and keeping your inner child flourishing is imperative for a happy life.

For me, helping to create artwork and lifestyle pieces that feed these spaces is pure magic and a huge honor. I’m always looking for ways to give constructively. Give back, pay it forward and just keep the energy flow of kindness rolling, without it just being lip service. Knowing that I am using, albeit only a small amount, of Lem Lem, makes me feel like I’m helping in some way, women who deserve to be lifted higher. And knowing that Annie’s community of stockist is not a mass of warehouses filled with chemicals and “big business ideals”, but rather real, soulful and wonderful human’s like Nan, makes me feel like I am supporting something real, authentic and genuine. And that to me, is so important. 

Yes, making a living is crucial to survival. Making a profit is necessary, but making a difference, no matter how small, is to me, everything. 

So as I launch my humble little offering in a weeks time, I do so knowing that although I may only ever place a few of them in willing, loving homes, I do it with love. Created with products made and sold by people that foster respect and empowerment at their very center. Who do what they do with Love. I launch knowing I am so very lucky to know, care for and respect a woman like Nan Day and I am truly blessed to have the means to work with Annie’s amazing products and learn from her community. 

Giving and sharing are some of the greatest gifts we are able to give. Never hold back. Ever. 

More power to incredible women, who empower incredible women. 



** This post is not sponsored in any manner or form, it’s just not my thing to endorse anyone or anything unless I truly mean it. In fact, at least one of these fine woman doesn’t even know I exist. **


** I’ve placed contact details for Nan Day’s Simply French Store and Annie Sloan’s Website Below. You can’t help but be inspired! **




Just look at how divine Nan’s work is! 

Simply French South Africa and Annie Sloan UK Paints
A selection of images from the Simple French Shop, using Annie Sloan Chalk Paints






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