relax, there’s some awesome blog posts coming soon!

So it’s been a long while since I stretched my writing brain but I’ll tell you I’m ITCHING for it!

No, I’m no expert, but I’m passionate, and I’m super keen to share my discoveries with you on how to create beautiful spaces.

Firstly, with what you have about you. I promise, most homes are chock full of amazing treasures just need a little love (and a lick of paint) and some arty positioning with a few friends to get them looking amazing. And then, I’d like to share with you my fav finds, my “can’t/shouldn’t live withouts” and my “create a space you’d never want to leave” tips, as I journey through creating products that will hopefully bring the feeling of home to so many houses.

(If you didn’t know, this blog is attached to my site, on which I sell decor, bedding and gifting items that I create)

I’ll also be doing some homework for you, on how to achieve certain looks you may like to bring into your home and help you figure out which of SA’s small businesses and stores carry the beautiful goodies you need to achieve those looks.

For me, home truly is a feeling. It’s where our first, and most likely, our most lasting memories will be brought to life. A childhood home holds a special kind of magic. I’d love to be a part of helping you

build on that magic for your loved ones, and share hints and tips on how to make memorable spaces, and more specifically to create spaces for young folks, who really do need, at their age, a sense of individuality and style. A place to truly call their own, even if they share with a sibling.

Although, good quality workmanship does come at a price, you need not spend a fortune when styling your personal spaces, and I’ll be writing posts that guide you, no matter what you budget.

If you have any specific looks you’d like me to play with and post about, feel free to catch me on Instagram or Facebook (find follow icons in the sidebar to the right) and come and have a chat. I love meeting folks who are as passionate about creating beautiful spaces as I am.

Until next time


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